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What’s your cup of tea?


What’s your cup of tea?

For long time we have been huge fans of tea as there is no better to relax and enjoy the moment as a cup of warm tea.

We started growing a collection which has been great conversation starter. Every time someone comes home it is a great way to get going with the talk.

Many elements play a role to create the perfect cup of tea. Is it the mug we drink in? The pot we brew with? or the tea leaves? or is it perhaps a combination of all of the above?

Let’s discover together what creates a perfect cup of tea, and tell us in the comments what’s your cup of tea.


When it comes to tea cup, I particularly like big ones because I can enjoy tea a little big longer and I get that warm feeling in my hands. Below you will find some of my top mugs.

The Totoro tea cup, is perfect size and shape it is really easy to hold in the hands and perfect for a rainy day.

The cups, are great for daily tea drinking and specially when working. The handle makes it easy to grab and avoid dropping in your computer!

Tea Pot

My favorite pots vary a lot depending on the tea I am brewing and somehow I prefer glass ones for black tea, and metal ones for green tea. It somehow gives a different flavour to tea!

There are many different shapes and sizes of pots that it really all depends on the moment. And, how is it that you choose your favorite pot?

Tea Leaves

I usually use loose leaf tea in the mornings, but when I am in the move a good tea bag is all I wish for. I never leave the house with one in my jacket pocket and as at the end you never know when a tea moment could come.

My favorite combination depends on the tea I am having, the company and the mood I am at. Tell us in the comments what makes your favorite cup of tea?