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6 Affordable and cool items to transform your home


6 Affordable and cool items to transform your home

Summer is always a good opportunity to try a new decorating approach.

Decorating can be at times pricy, specially if you want items to look good and last the pass of time.
But, this doesn’t need to be always the case. We will show you how to make your house look like million dollars without breaking the bank.

We are sharing a selection of products to help you do this in style, we hope you find, every of these items worth a try!

1. Pillows

One great way to start is by habing fun and adding accents of patterns and colors. Color can help you freshen up that old couch or make your bed look worth 5 star hotel.

2. Mirrors

Another great way to help transform your home is by adding wall mirrors. They will help you maximise natural light in your space and make it look bigger than it is.

3. Plants

You might have already seen from other posts, we always recommend plants. Whether it is to bring some touches of color or just add vibes into a space.

Plants are a great and affordable way to bring a new look to a space. It will make it feel less boring more cosy and elegant.

4. Planter Sets

Yes, you guess right. These can make your plants look way more expensive and stylish. You can combine the colors with your pillows or walls and make them pop.

Planter sets are excellent companion for plants as they will serve a double purpose: decorative and practical to hold draining water and pot up the ground.

Our favourite planter sets are metal cause nothing says million dollars as a cooper planter set!

5. Candles

Want your house to smell amazing and have that vibe you feel when entering a nice expensive place?
There are many types of candles, some are worth investing few bucks more to make sure they last longer and give the right fragrance. Here some of the top options we usually use at home also.

Candle holders are also great if you want to make that cheap supermarket candles look worth a lot more.

6. Table Cloth

If you have a table who has seen many battles, a table cloth is your best friend. With a table cloth you will be able to refresh that table cover all the imperfections and add a touch of color to the space.

If you are thinking, table cloths are just for celebrations, then you are about to have one daily.

Hope you liked our recommendations and happy shopping! Tell us in the comments what you think.