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What Does Gua Sha Do for Your Skin?

A gua sha stone in a plate with some creams around

What Does Gua Sha Do for Your Skin?

Gua sha is a new skincare tool in town! It has already become popular among celebrities, beauty bloggers, and influencers. The flat and mishappen-looking crystal has many skincare benefits.

People used the gua sha in the past to relax and lessen the tension. It is believed to provide you with a clear complexion, fewer wrinkles, and a sculpted appearance. If you are looking to know what gua sha is and what does it do for your skin. Read on.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha consists of two words gua and sha, meaning scrape and sand. It is a tool made of jade stone, and it scrapes the skin. Sand refers to the spots that appear on the skin due to toxins.

Chinese have been using gua sha for centuries to treat inflammation and health problems. They believe that scraping the skin area with gua sha breaks the static energy, eliminates toxins, promotes lymphatic drainage, and improves blood circulation.

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Benefits of Using Gua Sha

1. Controls Acne

Acne is the most common skin concern for people with oily or combination skin types. The gua sha tool stimulates the drainage of toxic fluid and encourages blood circulation resulting in the clearance of bacterial infections. It also reduces the skin flare-ups, redness, and size of acne by moving the congestion.

2. Eliminates Puffiness

The lymphatic system transports nutrients and white blood cells in the body. At the same time, it is also responsible for eliminating toxins, bacteria, viruses, damaged protein, and excess water.

There is no pump for the transportation of fluids present in the body. Instead, it happens via muscle movement, respiration, and gravity. The directional movement of gua sha helps to promote lymphatic drainage. It pumps the fluids out of the skin tissues, which ultimately eliminates the puffiness.

3. Clears Skin

Better lymphatic drainage and healthy blood circulation mean no toxins accumulate under the skin. Moreover, gua sha stimulates the facial muscles, resulting in better oxygenation of skin cells and tissues.

Better blood circulation with more oxygen promotes collagen synthesis, the protein responsible for a youthful and firm complexion. Gua sha also increases cell turnover and replaces old and pigmented cells with new and unpigmented cells.

4. Sculpts the Face

The unique shape of the gua sha tool sculpts and tightens your skin. The consistent use of gua sha helps prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. In addition, better blood flow provides plenty of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, promoting collagen synthesis and providing a plump and youthful appearance.

5. Boosts the Effectiveness of Skincare Products

The skin care products can only help you improve your skin when they are fully absorbed. You can apply your favorite serum or facial oil before scraping the skin with the gua sha tool, which will improve the efficiency of the skincare product and allow better absorption. It will leave your skin hydrated, healthy, and glowing.

The Bottom Line

Natural jade gua sha tool massager

Gua sha tools are usually available in jade, quartz, and amethyst. In addition, you will find some cheap options made of plastic. Only natural crystals can help you improve your skin. The genuine stones can be identified by touching them because they are always cool to touch.

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