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The Skincare Benefits of a Jade Roller

The Skincare Benefits of a Jade Roller

You have probably seen a beauty blogger or a celebrity using a jade roller on social media. But, does this pretty little tool actually work or benefit the skin? Yes, the simple act of massaging the jade roller has many skincare benefits. Read on to learn what jade roller is, how it works, and the skincare benefits you obtain from it.

What is a Jade Roller?

Jade roller is a skin massaging tool with stones at each end. The larger stone covers the larger areas of the face, while the smaller one is for rolling under your eyes.

Jade roller has an interesting history in Chinese medicine. They believe that jade stone has some healing properties and refers to good health, wealth, prosperity, and long life.

The jade roller simply appears like a paint roller that is meant to roll over your face and neck.

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The Skincare Benefits of a Jade Roller

Jade roller has skin purifying and detoxifying properties. Here are some skincare benefits you get from adding it to your regular skincare routine.

Boosts Lymphatic Drainage

You can consider the lymphatic system is something that holds all the junk of your body. It collects wastes, toxins, bacteria, and viruses and transports them to the lymph nodes, where they get destroyed.

Jade roller works amazingly by boosting lymphatic drainage. It prevents fluid build-up and reduces inflammation. The lymph nodes are located in your neck and behind the ears. Rolling the jade roller in the direction of lymph nodes eliminates toxins and makes your skin feel refreshed.

Soothes the Skin

The jade rollers feel pleasant on the skin. It glides smoothly without pulling and tugging. People who experience redness and irritation can benefit from using the jade roller. It soothes skin irritation, inflammation, and redness.

Brightens the Skin

The jade roller increases blood circulation, and the oxygen-rich blood reaches the skin surface, which helps brighten the skin complexion. A daily 5-minute massage of the jade roller effectively evens out the skin tone. Just be sure to massage towards the lymph nodes.

Reduces Eye Puffiness

An unhealthy diet, poor sleeping patterns, drinking alcohol and caffeine, and salty food causes your under-eye area to get inflamed. A simple massage by the jade roller can help. The smaller stone is ideal to use on under eye area. You can keep the jade roller tool in a refrigerator fr 3 minutes before use. The cold temperature constricts the blood vessels and prevents fluid from accumulating in skin tissues.

Enhance Product Absorption

One of the biggest perks you get from using a jade roller is it increases the effectiveness of skincare products. No product can benefit till it is fully absorbed into your skin. Simply apply the facial oil, serum, or moisturizer to the face and massage the skin with a jade roller. It distributes the product evenly and allows the better penetration of skincare ingredients.

Suitable for All Skin Types

Jade roller is safe to use on all skin types. People with sensitive skin always find it difficult to choose a product suitable for their skin type. The good news is that they can use the jade roller as it helps to soothe skin irritation, redness, and inflammation.

The Bottom Line

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Always invest in a good-quality jade roller. Cheap and fake jade stones can cause serious trouble to your skin and the environment.

You can identify the real jade stone by its color and pattern. It is usually dark or light green in color with patterns like swirls and dots. Suuruus jade rollers and gua sha sets are ethically sourced, genuine stones, safe for the environment, and great for the skin.