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Using Gua Sha for Acupressure Body Massage

Why using Gua Sha tool for body?

Endowed with the goodness of traditional Chinese medicine, Gua Sha promises a whole list of medical benefits to the users.

When used on the skin, lubricated with massage oil or balm, the therapeutic Gua Sha tool would bring the user that ‘exotic’ feeling of relaxation. It is a blessing for anyone with tensed muscles due to a tiring lifestyle or suffering from a whole range of problems related to skincare.

Do you want to feel your skin rejuvenating? Then experience an acupressure Gua Sha massage, on your back or your legs!!

This therapeutic treatment makes this best Gua Sha tool glide across the body, promoting blood circulation, specially in the tiny blood vessels supplying blood to the skin.

It helps the curing of swelling or puffiness.  It is a proven cure for cellulite as it functions as a catalyst in moving fluid away from swollen areas, thus providing immediate relief. This drainage is a renowned benefit of Gua Sha massage.

Benefits of doing Gua Sha body massage

1. Reduces pain due to bad postures

Long-term muscle pains due to work-related postures are so common in day-to-day life. Gua Sha offers relief for those complications. The endemic neck and shoulder pains suffered by regular computer users will get amazingly healed through a comfortable Gua Sha massage on the neck and the shoulders.

2. Helps with muscle recovery after sports

Gua Sha is a scraping technique that relieves muscle tension and pain. It would be good news for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes, to know that Gua Sha massage largely helps the recovery of muscles. This tiny tool will bring in immense relief. Moreover, Gua Sha is used by thousands, over the world, to find relief for chronic pains from which they suffer.

While the Gua Sha tool can be effectively used on back, neck, arms, butt or legs, the tiny petechiae it leaves on the skin will help proper blood flow, ‘lift’ the skin and accelerate the healing processes, by removing the body toxics.

3. Releases tension and smooth knots

The Gua Sha tool, when used in skincare routine, will be used to impose a pressure on the skin, in downward movements. While the first round imposes mild pressure, the practitioner would gradually increase the pressure, up to the bearable level. Gua Sha in massage is an art!

While it is praised for its tension releasing property, Gua Sha helps smoothing the knots. Tourette’s syndrome, which causes the twitching of nerves would get definite beneficial reactions, through Gua Sha massages.

4. Provides relief while breastfeeding

Gua Sha’s benefit to ladies is not only facial beauty and wrinkle smoothing. Perimenopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, sleeplessness and mood swings can largely improve when regular Gua Sha treatments are taken.

Apart from that, swelling and discomfort due to breast fullness in breastfeeding moms can be reduced through Gua Sha treatments. These situations witnessed by Gua Sha lovers show hoe the massage treatment has both healing and beautifying benefits.

5. Helps with migraine

You will be surprised to learn that Gua Sha massages on the neck and face help reducing the pain in migraine conditions. Studies have shown that Gua Sha can reduce the liver inflammation caused by the Hepatitis B viral infection. The soothing effect of a Gua Sha massage is primary, and the uncountable health benefits accompanied with it are the best.

The Bottom Line

Suuruus Genuine jade Gua Sha tool is perfect for am and pm skincare routine. This is one of the best Gua Sha tools for body that can help release tension and stress.

Apart from the acupressure body massage health benefits, it can be used as a beauty tool. It is well-known that proper blood circulation to the skin improves the ‘glow’ and makes you prettier.

Suuruus Gua Sha tool promotes this, removing inflammation and wrinkles. A fine Gua Sha massage on the will considerable improve the lip-line and the jawline, lifting the skin.