4″ Multi Color Glowsticks – Pack of 2

4" Multi Color Glowsticks - Pack of 2

That Super Glow It’s time to kick the party game up a couple of notches. You have the best plastic plates money can by and the plastic cups to match. You even have the coordinating silverware, the napkins, and tablecloth. You really have it all, you party animal, you. Everyone will have a good time because your guests always enjoy themselves at every shindig you throw. You’re a proud party planner with a passion for entertaining those you care about which is why you’re always looking for little ways to make them happy and create a memorable celebration. Well, these Multi Color Glowsticks are exactly what you’re looking for. Turn the lights off and watch them glow. Hang them from the ceiling and pass them out to all your attendees! It will make the party light up and all your guests light up too! Product DetailsThe Multi Color Glowsticks comes with 2 Glowsticks in a package. Each Glowstick is approximately 4-inches long and comes attached to a ribbon lanyard so you can wear it like a necklace. Glow-On And PartyThese Glowsticks are great for all types of social celebrations! Use them for birthday parties or backyard barbeques.

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