Our Story

Suuruus is a proudly Finnish owned beauty brand that focuses on bringing a modern natural approach to beauty. We help you enhance your natural glow through simple daily routines.

We started our journey in the year 2020 when we launched our best-selling jade roller and gua sha 3-in-1 beauty tool kit. And since then, we have expanded our offer with unique products of premium quality ingredients that promote a holistic vision of beauty and ignite the beauty from inside.

We are based in Helsinki, Finland and our founder main focus has been for years to look into skincare as a form of selfcare and the idea of honoring yourself aesthetically, by taking time out for yourself. We want to translate same vision to our customers.

Behind the name

Our name SUURUUS is a Finnish word which means “greatness” and “magnitude”.

The name is a palindrome so the characters read the same backward as forward. We see this as a way to explain how essentially, all things in this world have an opposite and the key to harmony is to bring balance to the opposing forces.

We believe we need to look into beauty as a form of spiritual influence using daily self-care as a mean to bring revelations towards a higher state of mind.

Our Values

Enhance beauty naturally
We create products that improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, so you look more glowing and less puffy naturally.

Promote daily self-care
We believe self-care is an essential part of becoming your best self and developing energy for a balanced life.

Bathing for balance
We use aromatherapy as a practice to restore the balance of the mind and enhance your well-being at home.

Bring high quality products
We bring the highest quality products possible with a mission to give everyone the experience of extraordinary wellbeing.

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Company Details

Suuruus OY
Address: Työmiehenkatu 2 A 3a, 00180 Helsinki Finland
Business ID: 3133270-2
Email: suuruus@suuruus.com