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6 Affordable and cool items to transform your home


6 Affordable and cool items to transform your home

Summer is always a good opportunity to try a new decorating approach.

Decorating can be at times pricy, specially if you want items to look good and last the pass of time.
But, this doesn’t need to be always the case. We will show you how to make your house look like million dollars without breaking the bank.

We are sharing a selection of products to help you do this in style, we hope you find, every of these items worth a try!

1. Pillows

One great way to start is by habing fun and adding accents of patterns and colors. Color can help you freshen up that old couch or make your bed look worth 5 star hotel.

2. Mirrors

Another great way to help transform your home is by adding wall mirrors. They will help you maximise natural light in your space and make it look bigger than it is.

3. Plants

You might have already seen from other posts, we always recommend plants. Whether it is to bring some touches of color or just add vibes into a space.

Plants are a great and affordable way to bring a new look to a space. It will make it feel less boring more cosy and elegant.

4. Planter Sets

Yes, you guess right. These can make your plants look way more expensive and stylish. You can combine the colors with your pillows or walls and make them pop.

Planter sets are excellent companion for plants as they will serve a double purpose: decorative and practical to hold draining water and pot up the ground.

Our favourite planter sets are metal cause nothing says million dollars as a cooper planter set!

5. Candles

Want your house to smell amazing and have that vibe you feel when entering a nice expensive place?
There are many types of candles, some are worth investing few bucks more to make sure they last longer and give the right fragrance. Here some of the top options we usually use at home also.

Candle holders are also great if you want to make that cheap supermarket candles look worth a lot more.

6. Table Cloth

If you have a table who has seen many battles, a table cloth is your best friend. With a table cloth you will be able to refresh that table cover all the imperfections and add a touch of color to the space.

If you are thinking, table cloths are just for celebrations, then you are about to have one daily.

Hope you liked our recommendations and happy shopping! Tell us in the comments what you think.

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20 Funny gifts for family, friends and co-workers


20 Funny gifts for family, friends and co-workers

We selected some products which will get the biggest laughs!

We all love to bring some pranks and gags to our relationships. And when it comes to presents we can always select something which will also give the gift of laughter.

Presents don’t have to be bounded to holidays and birthdays. Small items can light up someone’s day and be a great way to show you care for your family, friends and co-workers.

We have selected these hilarious, gag-worthy gift ideas for you to find something for your next surprise gift, gift exchange or other party.

You can select one which also says a little bit on your personality… Choose between presents that highlight your love for dad jokes, ultra-trendy music culture or that series you love.

We are sure you will make your love ones laugh until cry with these wacky, weird and crazy gift ideas. Humor is the way to the heart!

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What’s your cup of tea?


What’s your cup of tea?

For long time we have been huge fans of tea as there is no better to relax and enjoy the moment as a cup of warm tea.

We started growing a collection which has been great conversation starter. Every time someone comes home it is a great way to get going with the talk.

Many elements play a role to create the perfect cup of tea. Is it the mug we drink in? The pot we brew with? or the tea leaves? or is it perhaps a combination of all of the above?

Let’s discover together what creates a perfect cup of tea, and tell us in the comments what’s your cup of tea.


When it comes to tea cup, I particularly like big ones because I can enjoy tea a little big longer and I get that warm feeling in my hands. Below you will find some of my top mugs.

The Totoro tea cup, is perfect size and shape it is really easy to hold in the hands and perfect for a rainy day.

The cups, are great for daily tea drinking and specially when working. The handle makes it easy to grab and avoid dropping in your computer!

Tea Pot

My favorite pots vary a lot depending on the tea I am brewing and somehow I prefer glass ones for black tea, and metal ones for green tea. It somehow gives a different flavour to tea!

There are many different shapes and sizes of pots that it really all depends on the moment. And, how is it that you choose your favorite pot?

Tea Leaves

I usually use loose leaf tea in the mornings, but when I am in the move a good tea bag is all I wish for. I never leave the house with one in my jacket pocket and as at the end you never know when a tea moment could come.

My favorite combination depends on the tea I am having, the company and the mood I am at. Tell us in the comments what makes your favorite cup of tea?

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Top 10 Summer Activities You Will Love

Top 10 Summer Activities You Will Love

Summer is one of our favorite seasons, the weather is very good, it is more fun to go out, and there are many great summer activities to do with friends.

Do everything you want, whether it’s planting something in the garden, building a stove, baking some more, or training for a winter marathon. You can spend such a long day throughout summer and enjoy the perfect outdoor picnic (of course, away from social interaction).

Here, there are things that will help you say “like” to summer. We have curated a list of summer activities to start having and make this your best summer.

1. Have a Picnic

Fill the traditional wicker basket with your favorite picnic food and enjoy the feast and the weather. Local markets can help you with the picnic packing list. If you want to set up a picnic that can be shared on Instagram, here is a cute red checkered picnic basket.

2. Make a Road Trip

Choose a place on the map, get in the car, and drive. In this world, there are few activities as fun and exciting as traveling alone or with your best friend. List all the things you want to do in the process, and then let other chips fall where possible. Let it go and play. The open road calls all of us.

3. Tour your own City

Can you confidently say that you know your city? If we were to sign a contract with you to write a city guide, would you do it? Take time to visit more gathering places than usual. Life is more important than shopping in bowling alleys and shopping malls.

Being a tourist in your own city and going to a new place, you may be surprised by the charm of this old city. Most cities also have free tours. You can discover streets, shops and landmarks that have never existed before. You can also take a tour through segways to make it more interesting.

4. Grow Something

Gardening is fun, and growing your own herbs is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle and teach it to your children. They will definitely explode in the soil, plant seeds, plant seedlings and water them. You don’t need much space, the container can be anything, from wooden boxes to mason jars to used tires.

5. Do Some Star Gazing

Put a few blankets and lie in the backyard, staring at the stars. Show your children how to find the Orion Belt and many other stars.

6. Go SUP Boarding

Stand-up paddle board surfing (SUP) provides a fun way to play in the water with the added benefit of full-body exercise. And, since you are standing full height on the board, it gives you a unique advantage to view things underwater and on the horizon.

7. Have a Yes Day

A day when you have to say “yes” to everything, full of joy and fun. Try it with friends, family and strangers you will be surprised.

8. Bake War

Team up with friends or family to make sweets and try to beat the rest in the taste test. The presentation is also very important! And dont worry even if you are on a keto diet, you can still eat cakes. Now show all the ultimate Keto chocolate fudge cake slices, we tried this last year and was awesome. Don’t miss this! ! !

9. Walk or Hike

These days, we use fewer and fewer our legs. In this summer it will be good for your body, cardiovascular system and health… No need to go far find a park or a trail and walk around. If you live close enough, place it in your local shopping center. No matter what it is, just walk outside for a while after getting off the car or the couch

10. Have a BBQ

Because it’s summer, we must set the grill and smokers on fire! There is no better time to have a barbecue and invite your friends, neighbors and family. This is a fun time and a great way to keep in touch with the people you care about. Barbecuing is also delicious, and you will perform all other activities, so it is easy to lose weight.

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Flower Power

Flower Power

Flowers can change the mood in a room, they bring scents, color and a focus point for the room. We love selecting different flowers every week and making sure the selection fits our mood or activities planned. 

Getting a bouquet doesn’t need to be reserved to special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or else. They should be part of our day to day routine.

Why not giving yourself a special week with nice flowers!!

Here we present you some of our favorite flowers and arrangements 🙂


Lilies are perhaps most well known for their amazing fragrance which is a sweet scent that comes as they bloom! But beyond their intoxicating scent profiles, there are also very popular due to their range of colors and interesting shapes and sizes  which makes these flowers a dream in any bouquet.

Roses and Carnations

Carnations are native to the Mediterranean area, they have amazing fringe-petals and a spicy fragrance they are great to have texture in a flower arrangement. Meanwhile, roses complement the arrangement with sweet scent and are a great way signify your love for a special someone or friend how much you care for them.

Combination of colors add so much to the room and can be a great mood booster during winter or rainy days but equally amazing to remind you of the beauty of summer time!

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Autumn Vibes!

Autumn Vibes!

Autumn, season of the year between summer and winter during which temperatures gradually decrease. During Autumn, the days get shorter and there is less sunlight. 

There are many beautiful days in Autumn. Trees change color, and the weather is not too hot but not too cold. The leaves begin to fall from the trees, the birds leave, and there seems to be a kind of sadness in the air.

How to make the most out of this season famous for its harvest times, turning leaves, cooling temperatures and darkening nights?

Here we present you some of the best products to enjoy the Autumn and prepare for winter.

Let’s begins

It can sometimes feel like winter is dragging on forever, but did you know that its actually the shortest season of the year. Do some activities outdoors, go for a ride and crash those fallen leaves with style.


Autumn, as defined by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, begins on the equinox which falls on 22 or 23 September. Wear a hat, start with some cool gloves or stay home with a candle.

The chemistry of color

Look into various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown.

The days get shorter

The position of the sun in the sky is changing. That, in turn, alters how we perceive color and light. Get additional flowers at home.

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Top Sunglass Trends This Summer

Top Sunglass Trends This Summer

Are you searching to renew your shades to keep up with the trends? We have news, what we will be seeing this summer for sunglasses are:

Either oversize or minimal

Glasses with twist

Very feminine or too unisex

Classic shapes – Aviator, Cat eye, Geometric, Round/Oval, and Square

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10 Home Office Must Haves

10 Home Office Must Haves

Working from home has become more common and while this is a dream for many, if you don’t have all the right elements for your home office, it can have a great effect on your productivity and even your happiness. We have selected the 21 home office must have to increase your productivity and keep you going while at home or at a remote office.

1. Good Lighting

The lighting is essential for setting the entire mood and atmosphere as well as to keep you focus and able to clearly see your work. Setting your desk close to a good source of natural light can help during day time but you might still need to get some additional light features for your desk.

We recommend

2. Organizers

To be able to mange all your pending items while keeping your house tidy you will need to set a designated space where you can add all your papers, pens and office items. Use boxes and organizers to hide the mess so your home office looks clean and you are able to find always what you need to be productive.

What a better to have all of them organized in a trendy and cool way!

3. A desk or table

Having the right support will help you keep better posture, have your computer in the right position and make you more focus. We know sometimes adding a full desk is not possible due to space restrictions so we also added some options in case you need to work from the sofa or the bed.

4. Plants

Include some plants to add some visual interest to your home office space. They can also have other benefits like air purification and creating separation between different parts of a room. If you have no time to water them no problem we have picked some utra-realistic alternatives for you!

5. Coffee and Tea

Because let’s be honest that’s the most interesting part of the day! Enhance your day and your productivity with this cool coffee and tea items that will keep you awake and your drink warm.

6. Speakers

Every good home office need to have some music vibe, and you can be your own DJ with this great speakers which will also not break your budget. Wide selection for all music and decor taste!

7. Fun gadgets

For those long video conferencing calls and those moments when you need to think, why not using some of this cool gadgets which are small enough and will keep you entertained all day long.

8. Headphones

Headphones can be a great way to drown out any background noise that may be happening around your home and keep you focused on the task at hand. 

9. Healthy Snacks

Having all the pantry at a hand can be challenging, you want to remain healthy and have easy picks at hand. There is no better way than to do sugar free, oil free and hassle free snacks such as smoothies or popcorn they will keep you satisfy till your next meal.

10. Artwork as backdrop

Nothing better to use as backdrop for your video conference calls than a nice piece of art. Give a different twist to them and keep your house trendy at the same time. Artwork is a great way to lift up a space and make it more in line with your personality.

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The Best Baking Essentials and Tools

The Best Baking Essentials and Tools

If you have recently started with the art of baking and you are looking for some basics to get you going, here we have compiled the list of the top essentials you will need in your kitchen to get you from cupcakes to cakes and breads.

Let’s start with cupcakes, these products are a good combo to get they will let you get started and will provide tons of value for money. The 17 piece set is one of my favorites, it has everything required in one go.

For the birhtday parties cake is a must! get creative with this awesome mold that will make even the tasteless cake look awesome!

It all starts with a good oven where you can properly regulate the temperature and offers you multiple options to manage the baking. Some houses tend to have old ovens or some which are unpredictable with the temperature. To avoid this get one of the latest mini ovens and ensure you always get it right.