17 Piece Mini Cupcake Baking Set


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Beautiful BeginningsWhat’s your favorite baked good? There are so many delicacies to choose from! You could choose from the famous French Macarons with their barely-there airy texture and buttery filling. Or maybe you like something more substantial like the decadent Boston Cream Pie which isn’t actually pie at all. Whether your tastes are as fancy and complicated like Baked Alaska or as classic as a chocolate chip cookie, one thing is for sure. Most likely, your favorite used to be a good and simple cupcake! A cake just for you containing flour, butter, and sugar. Simple and close to perfection, once you learn how to make a cupcake, the culinary world is your oyster!Fun detailsOnce your little one has this kit in their arsenal, they’re likely to get more confident in the kitchen. The included tin makes twelve mini cupcakes with six silicone baking cups that can be used again and again. Your child will get three different baking utensils for mixing, finishing, and frosting the cakes. You’ll also get a recipe booklet so you’ll be able to help your child through the steps without looking for the perfect simple recipe. A Treat to WatchWhen you see kids getting a knack for working in the kitchen, there’s nothing better. They’re not only learning how to make food for themselves and their loved ones, they’re learning math, science, and the importance of following directions. If you ask us, making a dozen cupcakes is a lot more fun than going over that division worksheet once again!


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