Avatar The Last Airbender Earth Kingdom Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks


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My Cabbages!In the Earth Kingdom, there’s been an inexplicable shortage of cabbage in Ba Sing Se. We tried talking to the cabbage vendor, but all he could do was mumble on about the Avatar and his troublesome friends. Unfortunately, that means cabbage stir fry is off the menu and you can kiss your spring rolls goodbye. You’re going to have to find a new favorite dish to fill that Earthbender appetite that you’ve worked up until the cabbage supply is restored. How about a nice hot bowl of noodles?Yes, a hot bowl of noodles can warm the soul almost just as well as a cup of jasmine tea. Just fill your Earth Kingdom Ramen Bowl up and you’ll forget all about the cabbage shortage.Fun DetailsInspired by the Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, this Earth Kingdom Ramen Bowl is the perfect bowl for benders and non-benders alike. It’s dark green with a gold Earth Kingdom symbol on the side. It also comes with a pair of chopsticks that fit neatly into a small hole and groove designed into the bowl. You can rest your chopsticks right on the bowl when you’re not using them! We’ll let you know when the flow of cabbage has been restored!


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