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Care Bear Staring!Boy, do we wish that the Care Bear Stare existed in real life. The world has a ton of problems and plenty of people who have just give up on caring. Cheer Bear can just gather up her Care Bears friends so they can use their particular superpower to help people regain their sense of empathy and most of the time, a little bit of caring can go a long way in solving problems!Well, we think that’s pretty cool and with this Care Bears Cheer Bear Mascot Mask, you can attempt the Care Bear Stare in real life!Fun DetailsThis adult-size mask is officially licensed from Care Bears! It’s inspired by the popular pink character who always tries to look at the world in a positive light. The mask is a classic mascot style, and it features a layer of pink faux fur on the exterior. The front has embroidered and appliqued details, perfectly recreating the look of Cheer Bear’s face. The mesh coverings in the eyes allow for limited vision, so take caution when wearing the mask. When you have it on, you might just be ready to gather up a few friends to perform the Care Bear Stare!


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