Clever Dragon Ball Teapot Set

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Dragon Ball TeaThere’s a lot of fighting in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z, isn’t there? Do you think that Goku and gang ever take a moment to sit back and calmly drink a few cups of tea? Maybe if he just invited Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu over for a cup of Eary Grey, they could hash out their differences over amiable conversation instead of shooting ki blast every which way. Well, probably not… but we like to imagine what it might be like if they all had tea time with this Dragon Ball Teapot set!Fun DetailsThis simple ceramic tea set comes with a ceramic teapot shaped like the 2-star ball. It has the gentle amber color of a real Dragon Ball and it even comes with a matching cup that can be stacked underneath the teapot when not using it. Make sure to hand wash this set! After all, you wouldn’t put a Dragon Ball in the dishwasher—Shenron would get pretty angry if you tried that! Finally, don’t place this in the microwave. First of all, only a monster would make their tea that way and secondly, it’s not good for this collectible dishware set!


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