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Speak!Rover is a good boy. He doesn’t need to go on walks. He doesn’t beg for food at the dinner table. And he doesn’t even need to go to the vet for shots. Sure, his tricks might be a little limited. He doesn’t play dead unless you haven’t charged him. He doesn’t shake or roll-over. And while you might not want to cuddle with this pup, he does know how to speak! This speaker is compact, perfect for fitting on the shelves of children’s rooms or to put on the counter while you make cookies in the kitchen. Basically, just like your pup, it can follow you around the house. Whether you’re listening to podcasts or your favorite playlists, you can either keep it plugged in with a USB charger or carry it with you. That’s a good boy!Product DetailsAt two inches tall and one and a half inches in diameter, this tiny speaker is the size of a golf ball. It will last about three to four hours without being plugged in. You can even throw it in your pocket to have music with your where ever you go. Collect all these adorable animal speakers from the pig, to the fox, to the owl. Good Boy!This is the perfect first speaker for that young music fan in your life. And unlike other pups that can only bark when you make this doggo speak, he’ll delight you with a clear, bright sound. Oh, and if you were wondering about this pup’s favorite song, it’s Hound Dog, of course!


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