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The Freedom to be FridaFrida Kahlo is a hero. Not because she had super strength but because she had resilience. Nothing could stop this artist from creating her masterpieces, making an impact, and speaking her mind. She showed up on the art scene and changed how the who’s who of high society saw Mexican folk art. She was proud of her heritage, wearing long, flowing skirts, braids, and flowers in her hair. And while she channeled her chronic pain and heartbreak into her paintings, she didn’t let it get in the way of experiencing life. She traveled the world, was a voice in the political scene, and lived life to it’s fullest. Are you ready to embrace the Frida way of life? Start with adding color and life to your look with this bright flowered crown!Details & DesignFrida was famous for her artwork but her sense of style was famous as well. Top any Frida costume off with this dramatic flower crown with pink and white flowers and a blue headband. Braid your hair around it and finish your look off with chunky earrings, and a natural look and you’ll be ready to make an iconic entrance at any costume party!


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