Funko POP! Back to the Future Doc Figure


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Do you consider your ideas about time travel revolutionary, but feel that no takes you seriously when you discuss them? Spending time with this Dr. Emmett Brown figure will be like spending time with a kindred spirit. Plus, it’s an authentic Back to the Future collectible from Funko, so we have to think that it’s really a must have to your collection!This officially licensed POP! figure is modeled after actor Christoper Lloyd as he appeared in Back to Future. But it’s also molded with all of Funko signature POP! style like and over-sized head and miniaturized details. (He’s even holding a little RC control unit. You might want to check out our POP! Ridez Delorean…) Make sure you have this vinyl figure in your BTTF collection, and you’ll never have to say “great scott” because you missed out on the opportunity!


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