Funko Pop! Marvel Fantastic Four Invisible Girl Figure


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Not So Invisible GirlHey! What’s the deal, Funko? Isn’t this supposed to be the “Invisible Girl” figure from the Fantastic Four? How come we can see her? Her main superpower is being able to use her invisibility to sneak through the battlefield and take down baddies before they even know what hit ’em, but you can see this figure coming from a mile away! Then again… having a collectible that you can’t see seems counter-intuitive, so maybe it’s a good thing that this Pop! Fantastic Four Invisible Girl figure isn’t using her superpowers!Fun DetailsThis adorable little figure is inspired by the classic Marvel comics character! The figure successfully combines her comic book appearance with that cute Funko style. She’s wearing her classic outfit, which has the Fantastic Four symbol on the front. She stands almost 4 inches tall and looks great in any figure collection. Oh, and she also promises not to use her disappearing abilities to sneak away from your collection! That means you can place her with the rest of your Marvel Pop! vinyl figures and she’ll never go invisible. She pairs well with the rest of her pals, so make sure to display her with Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, and the Human Torch!


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