Geeki Tikis Monsters Dracula Mug – 17oz


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Transylvanian TikiWe all know what beverage Dracula actually prefers, right? We might think he just likes blood but in reality, no one wants to drink their regular when it comes to partying down at a Luau. We think that Dracula would enjoy sipping on an ice cold beverage with plenty of blood red Grenadine in the mix. Now he’ll feel like he’s having fun when it comes to flavor but he’ll feel like he’s in his wheelhouse when it comes to the color of his refreshment. We’re pretty sure he’s going to love everything else about the luau. He’ll love the tiki torch lit atmosphere. And everyone knows that he absolutely loves ukelele music. Just don’t come at him with a shish-ka-bob. That skewer counts as a stake in his book!Product DetailsThis will add the perfect spooky touch to your terrifying tiki party. The exterior of the cup is carved with a grinning picture of the famous vamp with fangs, a batty bowtie, and a dashing widow’s peak. The interior has a deep red wash, giving your drink an atmospheric spooky flavor. While you shouldn’t put this cup in the microwave or dishwasher, you can sip from it, again and again, making your monster mash last all year long!Beach CreeperWhile you might not always associate island culture with monsters, they go surprisingly well together. Lucky for you, you can collect licensed monsters like Wolfie and Frankenstein so Dracula doesn’t have to do the limbo alone! Because even creatures of the night shouldn’t have to go to the beach alone!


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