Geeki Tikis Monsters Wolfie Mug – 16oz


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Roaring RefreshmentsWhat does a werewolf drink on Halloween? Whatever is in this tiki cup. What? Oh, you thought that was the beginning of a joke? Hmm, it does seem like we led you on. Here, let us make it up to you. How do you make a werewolf happy the morning after a crazy tiki party? Give him some hair of the dog! There, happy now? Anyway, any werewolf would be honored to sip out of this retro style glass. Now that we think of it, we actually have no idea what this particular monster likes to drink. Vampires make it easy. The Swamp Thing likes to drink saltwater. Maybe werewolves would be into bone broth. That’s the new thing, right? Hmm, we guess you’ll have to find out during your next creature feature. Product DetailsTiki parties are back in swing with a monstrous new twist! This mug has a stylish golden hue with a cute yet angry little Wolfie molded into the design. Sixteen ounces fit into this detailed and officially licensed party mug. With a three-dimensional exterior, it’s never been easier to keep a grip on your glass!Full Moon in TahitiWolfie gets mad during the full moon, we know that for sure but maybe he’d feel more laid back if he spent his moonlit nights on the beach! After all, it’s hard to go on a rampage when a cool wind is softly blowing in from endless ocean waves. Who knows the impact a little Tiki fun can have?


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