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Simpler DaysLet’s get one thing straight. Gumby was great. He was green, made out of clay, and he regularly went on adventures with his best bud, Pokey. And we spent many mornings tagging along with them as they tried to overcome all of the trouble that the Blockheads caused. We had all of the toys, which could bend around just like the real Gumby could! In fact, we even sort of wished that we could be Gumby… even if just for a day!Well, through the power of costumes, we turned that little dream into a reality! With our officially licensed Gumby costume, you can head on adventures of your own as the classic green guy.Fun DetailsThat’s right! It’s your turn to be Gumby! This Adult Inflatable Gumby Costume is an easy-to-use outfit that turns you into the friendly green guy from the cartoons. The suit is made out of windbreaker material and has elastic in the wrists and ankles to help create an air-tight seal. The suit fits with a zipper along the back. To inflate, all you need to do is flip the switch on the built-in fan on the side and the costume will inflate in moments! You’ll need 4 AA batteries to operate the fan (sold separately), but one set of batteries should keep you inflated for the whole night! Of course, the top of the costume is designed to look like Gumby’s face and the eyes are made out of see-through mesh for vision. It’s the easiest way to become your favorite clay boy!A Real ClassicIf you loved Gumby as a kid, then this costume is perfect for you. Not only is it an obvious choice for Halloween, but you can also wear it as a unique throwback cosplay costume from the days of cartoon past!


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