Handlebar Sun-staches


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You know what should really be in style? Super strange designer tan lines. We could put little cutouts of dolphins or seashells on our backs and then spend a couple hours tanning. Before long we’ll have a sweet looking temporary tattoo that’s perfect for the season! Imagine all the time and pain you’ll save! Of course there is the struggle of that sunburn…Well just be sure to wear lots of sunscreen! This even works for some cool facial hair. Just sport these sun-stache glasses all day and by the time you go to bed you’ll have the perfect set of little handle bars on your face. We’ve used the latest in technology to simply hang a mustache shaped piece of plastic from a chain just below your nose. Not really a reason to want these? Well what if we told you they also make on of the best disguises the world has ever known? We thought that would get your attention.


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