LEGO Aqua Brick Drawer 8


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LEGO Aqua Brick Drawer 8 is a fun storage box with two drawers for toys, LEGO bricks, office utensils, and/or other small items. Alternatively, use it in the nursery to store baby’s diapers, bibs, blankets, and/or lotions. The cool box can be placed on a desk, on a shelf, or on the floor and is designed to fit with the LEGO Storage Brick System (sold separately). The drawer measures 19 1/2-inches long x 9 3/4-inches wide x 7 1/8-inches tall. Decorate, play, form, and have fun with the drawers while using them for storage! LEGO Brick Drawer 8 is available in black, white, light-blue, light-purple, grey, and aqua colors (each sold separately). Get them all for even more fun!


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