Metal Pizza 5 oz Flask


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The Pizza DissenterThe unthinkable happened. We actually met a person on this planet who doesn’t like pizza. It sounds insane, right? Well, his name is Bradworth Fuddlemeyer Jr. We met him while standing in line at the DMV. He also hates puppies, kittens, rainbows, magic tricks, and happiness. We asked him about his favorite hobby and he told us that he likes to collect junk mail. He also quite enjoys his job as a telemarketer and he really likes it when he calls people right in the middle of dinner.We’re not a fan of Bradworth. We ARE a fan of pizza though. We could eat it for all 3 square meals a day and then wash it down with more pizza. Of course, you can’t drink a slice of pizza… or can you?Fun DetailsThis pizza flask might not be made out of real pizza, but you can fill it with your favorite liquid. It’s made out of metal and it has a 5 oz. capacity. You can put your favorite adult beverage inside of it and bring it to your next pizza party.Don’t Listen to BradworthOf course, Bradworth doesn’t like this pizza flask, but you really shouldn’t be taking life advice from Bradworth.


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