NHL Stanley Cup Hot Air Popcorn Maker


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Come April every year, you know you’re all about one thing and one thing only, watching your team make their triumphant march towards securing the holy grail of hockey–Lord Stanley’s Cup. Sure it takes 16 hard fought, tooth-and-nail battled victories to secure the Stanley Cup, but that’s what you’re there for. To support your team!And of course, if you’re tuning in from home, that means you’re going to need something very important to help get you through all those hours of hockey watchin’. Snacks! Yes, you are going to need lots and lots and lots of snacks, and if munching on popcorn is in your wheelhouse, then do we have just the thing for you. This Stanley Cup hot air popcorn maker! This unique popcorn maker is styled to look just like the world famous NHL Championship trophy, but it makes delicious popcorn for you to enjoy whenever you feel like it. Even in the off season! Get this signature appliance to be the ultimate piece in your fan cave, and you’ll be able to pop enough kernels to become a champion!


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