Pet AT-AT Imperial Walker Costume


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So, you’re gearing up for an assault on the Echo Base on Hoth. How many Stormtroopers do you have at the ready? None… hmm. Well, do you have a Star Destroyer orbiting the planet to ensure that no Rebels escape? No? Alright, baby steps. Do you at least have an AT-AT walker that can destroy the main power generator, allowing your ground forces to rout the rabble from their base? Hmm… Well, let us help you start your Imperial Army with the most loyal being you know!This Pet AT-AT Imperial Walker costume is an officially licensed Star Wars costume that will help turn your pooch into the start of your forces. It comes with jacket with sleeves that fits around your pet’s back and legs. It has a printed design to make your pup look like the vehicle from the movies. Finally, it comes with a headpiece that makes you doggie’s head look like the cockpit of the vehicle. Once you have your puppy all dressed up in it, he’ll be the start of your own army!


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