Pig Nose Ears and Tail Pink Set


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OINK OINK OINKSo, you want to become a little piggy? You, my friend, have excellent taste in barnyard animals. Pigs are some of our favorites. You see, pigs like to live a very carefree lifestyle. Days laying out in the sun in the middle of their favorite mud puddles are days well spent. Sure, other animals know how to enjoy themselves, but no one kicks back like a hog in the mud. We envy them. That kind of carefree lifestyle would be pretty fun. We wish that WE were content to just lay in a puddle! FUN DETAILS This costume comes with three different pieces, each of which are essential to any pig costume! First, we’ve included a little pigs tail. It attaches to the back of your shirt or pants and will instantly let people know what animal you are. We’ve also included a snout and pig ears, which will make you into the cleanest pig outside the farm! HOG WILD This costume is going to have you going hog wild! If there is one thing pigs like as much as mud, it’s eating. So when you dress up as a pig, find yourself a good plate of food and enjoy, Just like your swine side would!


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