Stephen Joseph Pirate Hooded Towel


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Plush PiratesPirates are always out having adventures. What people often don’t realize is that the pirates are out sailing rain or shine. That’s right. That means half of the time they’re sailing in the sopping, drizzling, downpour. How depressing, no? Well, we have the perfect fix for any damp pirate of yours. Our Pirate Hooded Towel ought to help them out. This is a 100% cotton towel is nearly 4 feet long and designed by Stephen Joseph. When your pirate wraps up in this and puts the hood up, however, they are transformed back into a bright, dry pirate with a striped shirt, black belt, and even an eye-patch. So tell your pirates of all sizes not to worry. Rain or shine, damp or dry, they will be pirates still. Arr!


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