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Sunny BunnyDo you think that rabbits ever get tired of the sun? It doesn’t seem like it! After all, we mostly see those cute little critters running about in the park when it’s warm and sunny out, usually during springtime. Us? We like the sun, but sometimes that bright ball in the sky can be too much for our human eyes. How do the bunnies do it? Maybe they’re all actually wearing a pair of secret sunglasses to help keep the sun out of their eyes… like these Bunny Sunglasses from Sunstaches!Product DetailsIf you want to stay in the sun all day like a rabbit, then these Bunny Sunglasses are your best friend! The glasses are made out of molded plastic and feature shatter-resistant lenses that provide UV protection. They also have a pair of bunny ears designed into the top with a bunny nose and whiskers set that dangle from the frames. Just slide them on and you’ll be ready to hop around all day like a bunny rabbit!Bunny Made EasyIf you’re looking for a quick and easy costume option, just grab these sunglasses. Pair them up with a white shirt and it’s and instant bunny rabbit costume!


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