Telestrations 8 Player – The Original Party Game


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Stick Figures and Mona LisasWhat’s your artistic level? Can you sketch the Mona Lisa with nothing but a simple piece of graphite? Or are you more of the stick figure on a printer paper level? Perhaps you’re somewhere in between, or maybe you just like drawing doodles in your notebook. Well, the great news is that Telestrations is a game for people of all artistic abilities.Fun DetailsThis game comes with 142 cards, 8 sketchbooks, 8 dry erase markers, a timer, instructions, and a word die. To play, you simply roll the die and try to sketch something that matches the die. No artistic skill is necessary, but you want to draw something that will get your word across! Pass your illustration to the person next to you and it’s time for them to guess what you drew! Keep passing it around like a classic game of telephone and there’s no telling how wacky the illustrations will end up!Get the Party StartedThis game is a party game and can play 4 to 8 players. We have to say that the game is fun with more players, so be sure to invite all of your friends to your next game night!


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