Santa’s Elf Men’s Costume

Santa's Elf Men's Costume

Can we talk about the elf lifestyle? The pointy-eared creatures have an outlook on life that we should all strive for. We’re not just talking Christmas elves here, those smaller shoe maker elves work with an intensity and enthusiasm that the human race typically reserves for mad scientists or passionate composers of timeless masterpieces. And here’s the thing, they are all like that! Now, we don’t usually go around, writing blanket statements but think about it for a minute, have you ever met a lazy elf? A leprechaun, maybe. A dwarf, for sure. But elves typically have too many things on their plate to pause and give their curly toesies a rest. Even while they are posing on shelves they are usually up to some kind of mischief! The best part? Elves do all their tasks with enthusiasm and joy! They paint toy trains with a pep in their step and when they sit down for a nice cup of nog with their friends they often discuss how excited they are to do it all again the next day. Okay, to be fair, we have never met any elves and we don’t know much about their attitudes outside of what we’ve learned from Hollywood. But we imagine that they’ve got to be a pretty cheerful bunch. This season, don this outfit to see if some of that enthusiasm will rub off on your day-to-day. This costume is lush, including a dark green velvet coat with faux fur and bric-a-brac trim, bright red pants, red striped socks, a pair of curved toe shoe covers, and topped off with a jingle bell hat! It’s about time we humans started living the elf life!

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