Stranger Things Adult’s Robin’s Scoops Ahoy Costume

Stranger Things Adult's Robin's Scoops Ahoy Costume

Man the CounterWaves of blue bubblegum ice cream splash against the sides of frosty metal shake cups. Boatloads of Neapolitan are decorated with wedges of crunchy waffle cones. Candied cherries rest on soft hills of whipped cream, their tiny red stems standing tall like a flagpole. Vats of hot fudge sit waiting to be drizzled across towering sundaes. Buckets of rocky road and mint chip are scooped clean. And before you can take a breath, a new line of hungry patrons, craving ice cream, queues at the counter.The situation calls for a practiced crew member and you haven’t even received your nametag yet. Unfortunately, your trainer Robin is busy deciphering Russian chatter with another new hire and planning a way to close something called the Upside Down. You’ll just need to harness her no-nonsense attitude and face the crowds yourself.Fun DetailsAdjust your paper hat and get ready to serve the hungry customers, Sailor! With this officially licensed Scoops Ahoy Adult Costume, you’ll have everything you need to take charge like Robin would—she’s even lending you her own nametag for a little bit of moral support! This simple costume is inspired by the Scoops Ahoy uniform worn in your favorite Netflix series, Stranger Things. The pullover t-shirt is printed to look like the vest and stripped ensemble Robin wore for all her ice cream scooping shifts. The included hat has “Ahoy” printed on the front, so even if you’re not feeling very customer friendly, your hat will welcome everyone with a proper greeting.Captain of AdventureYou’ll be ready to face tidal waves of ice cream lovers and monsters from the Upside Down with this Stranger Things Robin’s Scoops Ahoy Adult Costume. Whether you restrict free samples from greedy customers or offer a lifetime supply of ice cream to a very helpful patron, this officially licensed uniform is ready for the adventure!

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