Tumbler – Matte/black

Tumbler - Matte/black

Shakesphere Tumbler – Matte Black With Black Logo: Capsule-Shaped Protein Shaker It May Look Small, But The Shakesphere Tumbler Has A Capacity Of 700 Mls And Can Blend Soft Fruits And Powders In No More Than 10-15 Seconds; That Some Serious Speed. The Unique Spherical Design Of This Protein Shaker Means Absolutely Zero Protein Mixture Gets Stuck. The Centrifugal Force Of The Liquid Swirling Around The Protein Capsule Allows Powders To Be Broken Down With Ease. Shakesphere Shakers Leave Little To No Residual Waste After You’ve Mixed Your Protein Shake. All You Need To Do To Clean Your Shaker Bottle Is Simply Place Some Warm Soapy Water In The Shaker And Shake! The Shakesphere Tumbler Comes With A Nifty Sliding Lid With A Silicone Seal Which Creates A Watertight Environment To Prevent Leakages. All Shakesphere Bottles Are Bpa Free. Capsule Shaped Shaker Cup Freezer Safe Bpa Free Blending Process With No Blades Little To No Waste Easy Cleaning No Lumps Lid Locks Shot With Silicone Seal

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