Women’s Tea Cup Purse

Women's Tea Cup Purse

A PURSE WITH CURIOUS CONTENTSWhat do you keep in that purse of yours? We suppose you stick to the standards: cell phone, wallet, maybe a tube of your favorite red matte lipstick. When you’re traveling down to Wonderland, though, you might need some unique supplies for dreamlike adventures.For instance, you might need a cup for your tea. The Mad Hatter goes nuts when his own go missing. Maybe you’d want to bring your own Earl Grey tea bag, since who knows what the March Hare is serving up! Actually, if only you could put everything all in one… DESIGN & DETAILSThe tea-obsessed residents of Wonderland are sure to love this adorable purse crafted by our own team of wondrous designers. This Tea Cup Purse has playing card images printed on the front. A tan strip on the top has the look of a creamy, dreamy beverage. With the “Drink Me” label hanging from the handle, this purse will pair perfectly with any Wonderland costume!FIT IN WITH EVERYONE!Feeling like you belong is tough enough in the real world. Much harder in Wonderland. But, with the right accessory, you can be sure you’ll fit in any room! Sip the tea or store the rest of that size-changing mushroom in this Tea Cup Purse. (Just remember which one does which!)

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