Women’s Wonder Woman Knee High Shiny Caped Socks

Women's Wonder Woman Knee High Shiny Caped Socks

Do you ever want to take off your shoes, roll up your jeans and let out a musical, “Da-da, dah, dahhhh!” (that’s Super-Hero music, just in case you were wondering) We understand if you feel the pull to present your lower legs with a flourish, they deserve it! Your feet do so much for you when you often don’t even realize it. Remember yesterday morning, when you were carrying that hot cup of cocoa across the coffee shop? Your heroic feet stepped over that extension cord without you even realizing it. Disaster averted. Your feet walk, run, open drawers, and even close cabinets and pick up objects without recognition. It’s time to take some pride in them, recognize them for the Amazonian heroes that they are. Hey, they don’t even complain about how your five-year-old sneakers smell! Thank your tootsies with colorful Wonder Woman knee highs. These socks are even set up with a shiny cape so you know your strong calve are going to get the recognition they deserve. Move aside colorful foot apparel haters, these Wonder Woman feet are here to sock it to ya’!

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